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Shadgan Steel Industry Company is one of the eight steel projects of the country, which was approved during the comprehensive studies of the country’s steel in 1382 as one of the prerequisites of the country’s third, fourth, and fifth economic development programs, and in 1385, its development was carried out. This company is located in the southeast of Shadgan city, 35 km from this city and 10 km from Bandar Imam Khomeini city, on a land of 260 hectares.

In 2014, 65% of the shares were transferred to Khuzestan Steel Company and 35% were transferred to Iran Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO). This company is the first iron and steel production complex in the country using the PERED-Persian Reduction method, which has been put into operation in 1396 to reach the annual nominal capacity of 800,000 tons.

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